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1.The more fetters you have, the more you will miss.

2.where missing  happen, where your returning be.

3.This is brother even though hated by you  and  I’ll live with you together for it.

4.maybe in this world ,whoever don’t obey the rules  is called  garbage but whoever overlook parterers is evenworthy of being called garbage.

5.I always speak directly without rhetoric.  That’s my ninja’s belief.

6.even if I hate him, he is our parter so we shoud try our best to get him back.

7.The most important tantet of a ninja is perseverance .Never give up, go ahead and never break my promise . that’smy choice.

8.there are many things  Ihate, while there is nothing i like,

9.I’m a non-god man.

10.The great art is the beauty of the moment that the big bomb happen.

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