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Daycaca - a simple image tool

Recently we have released our new image tool daycaca.

A pure JS library to handle image via canvas

<Canvas> is a magic element which helps you to draw some amazing effects in a web page. And it enables a power to draw images on the canvas.

drawImage helps us draw an image on canvas. We can get each pixel data and change these data. toDataUrl method returns a data URI containing a representation of the image in the format specified by the type parameter. Those APIs leads to crop and compress image online.

Home Page

How to use

Use Npm install the package.

$  npm install daycaca -save
// es6
import daycaca from 'daycaca';  
// src specify an image src (url or base64)
daycaca.rotate(src, degress, (data, w, h) => {  
  // your code here

And you could import the script in your html file. And daycaca attachs to the window object.

<script src="./dist/daycaca.min.js"></script>

  // src specify an image src (url or base64)
  daycaca.rotate(src, degress, (data, w, h) => {
    // your code here


All API methods's argument source should be one type below:

  • an image url (Pay attention to CORS settings)
  • an IMG element
  • a file object Which use input[type="file"] value as source

base64(source, callback)

Convert your image to base64.

const img = document.querySelector('img')  
daycaca.base64(img, (data) => {  
  //... handle base64

compress(source, quailty, callback)

Compress your image and minify the size of your image.

  • PNG need lossless compression; So the param quality may not work.

  • JPG/JPEG/BMP need lossy compression;

quality (1~100). 100 means that the image keeps the same quality.

const img = document.querySelector('img')  
daycaca.compress(img, 0.5,(data) => {  
  //... handle base64

crop(source, option, callback)

Crop your image to the size which you specify.

option {} :

  • toCropImgX: The x-axis distance between the crop area and the image;
  • toCropImgY: The y-axis distance between the crop area and the image;
  • toCropImgW: The width of crop area;
  • toCropImgH: The height of crop area
  • ratio: the scale ration of the image

const img = document.querySelector('img')  
daycaca.reszie(img, {  
  toCropImgX: 10,
  toCropImgY: 20,
  toCropImgW: 100,
  toCropImgH: 70
},(data) => {
  //... handle base64

rotate(source, degree, callback)

Rotate your image to any degree.

const img = document.querySelector('img')  
daycaca.rotate(img, 90,(data) => {  
  //... handle base64

reszie(source, ratio, callback)

Scale the image;
+ ratio (0~1): the scale ratio of the image. 1 means the image keep the same size;

const img = document.querySelector('img')  
daycaca.reszie(img, 0.5,(data) => {  
  //... handle base64

Your contributions and suggestions are welcome 😄😄🌺🌺🎆🎆~


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