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Recently we released the next version of vue-core-image-upload; The latest version (2.3.4) is not statable and you can view code change in the branch. So you can submit your bugs you met to the github issues

New Features

  • Now when you resize an image you uploaded, you will view a rotate-button. And you can set rotate property to false to hide those buttons.
  • Use credentials property to specify your XHR request to handle CROS.

Some Bugfixes

  • Add new files in .npmignore and now you do not meet the doubts (some babel errors).

  • Fix resizing the selection area with width beyond the width of the image.

Now you can install the latest version to try these features 😝.

Thanks For Some Contributors

Thanks for some developers who still use this plugin. And we wanna show thanks for @la7ender and @slimeball. They have sent some mind-blowing pull request. And they did solve some problems.

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