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最近开始接触 Cinema 4D,结果还是遇到不少麻烦,第一个包比较大,下载比较费时,当然这也不是问题。第二个问题,就是执行安装问题 遇见找不到语言:

当然百度是没有找到解决方案,不过去 reddit还是找到了,原文描述:

If you have MacOS Sierra, and you are installing a version of Cinema 4D earlier than R18, you need to CTRL Click or Right Click Maxon-Start Show Package Contents and navigate to Contents - MacOS and then double click MAXON-Start, ignore the warning message that appears and you will see a terminal window run, and also the Maxon Installer, with languages!

也就是必须右键 -> 打开包内容 -> Content -> Mac OS -> 然后执行开始的文件


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